Electric power kites and traction kites have only existed Considering that the nineteen seventies. Which is not quite a long time when compared with some other categories of kite, including Chinese kites or Box kites. On the other hand, a substantial amount of traction kite development has taken location, so It can be attention-grabbing to see just how considerably this sort of major-pulling kite has appear. It truly is use in an array of sporting activities has exploded since the change from the millennium!


An extremely significant early ability kite was the Flexifoil. Way back again in the 70s, it had been a two-line design and style by Ray Merry and Andrew Jones who worked in England. Flexifoil has become the title of the kiting business.

nineteen eighties

An enhanced foil structure known as the Sparless Stunter was getting marketed, with the late 80s. Built by Ted Dougherty, it experienced six cells in addition to a square outline. Nevertheless, it was quickly overshadowed by all the more Highly developed kites…


Ted Dougherty also designed the Quadrifoil, which appeared soon once the Sparless Stunter. The Quadrifoil traction kite was among the list of pretty first four-liners within the background of electrical power kites. Rectangular in define, it absolutely was 1st witnessed in Levels of competition in 1990. This name turned a model, and lots of afterwards versions of the initial Quadrifoil were marketed given that the Levels of competition C1 and C3. There was also a Q2000 selection and Finally a Competition X selection of Quadrifoil kites. All these later on kites have been about elliptical in outline, and were not basically made by Ted Dougherty.

When All of this was happening, a kite designer from New Zealand named Peter Lynn was equally as busy. Peter arrived out With all the 2-line Peel kite in 1991. Staying made in reasonably significant measurements, suitable approximately ten sq. meters (1080 sq. ft), the Peel was most often utilized for traction. Contrary to most kites utilized for traction, the Peter Lynn patterns aren’t parafoils. Folks had been still purchasing the Peel kite within the late 90s.

An additional kite which was sold during the mid 90s was the QuadTrac, again by Ted Dougherty. A four-liner, design and profits had been managed by an organization known as Skynasaur. The kites on their own were normally known as ‘Skynasaurs’.

Later from the 90s, one of the initial designers of the Flexifoil kite continued his results with a range of 4-liners referred to as Skytiger. Sticking with the rectangular define like the Flexifoil, the Skytiger kites were reputable and secure traction kites. The first range was sooner or later followed by the ‘Hi’ series. The brand new kites were made to pull even more difficult, for your presented sail place.

Some designers were being developing traction kites for pure velocity. These ended up somewhat trickier to fly although! A fantastic illustration of this was the Predator, by Peter Mirkovic of Sky Kites. During the late 90s, this was probably the most effective structure while in the U.K., being used a whole lot in buggy races.


Possibly essentially the most intriguing improvement in The brand new millennium was how paraglider companies entered the traction kite market! Particularly, a well-regarded French company identified as Ozone. This business has designed paragliders Considering that the early times of the sport so It can be no surprise that the kites they create are certainly top quality.

A different development was the introduction of ‘depowerable’ patterns that flew on all 4 strains, with effortlessly adjustable pulling energy for the duration of flight. Previously models without this function flew on just two traces, Together with the remaining two strains being used for steering plus a minimal volume of depowering.

Electric power kites became far more specialised lately. Get as an example, three kites from Ozone that were accessible in 2007. The Ozone Fury is ‘entry stage’ which means nice and steady For brand spanking new kite flyers. The Yakusa is intended especially for buggy racing. Yet another style, the Accessibility, is sold as an all-rounder although it was initially suitable for snow kiting. With its additional line, it could be de-run immediately in an emergency. One example is, If you’re hit with the unusually strong gust of wind.

Hope you liked this brief historical past of energy kites. Just how much even more can designers thrust the bounds of lightness, energy and super-exact development? We’ve seen relaunchable kites, depowerable kites, the 5th line, Just what exactly might be the next significant detail?

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